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Before you register for a Full Pass

We find even level of dancing skills in a group of participants as one of the preconditions for effective learning. Therefore during the registration process we will ask you a couple of questions about your dance experience. The answers you give, and the Level Check which will take place before the workshops, will help us create the best possible learning conditions for you.

We know that when the registration starts some of you just want to click the “Submit” button as quickly as possible. To make it easier for you, we made this set of questions public before the registration starts. In this way you will be prepared with your answers and – hopefully – we will get more reliable answers.

Important note

Workshops will start on Friday morning with a MANDATORY LEVEL CHECK so plan your arrival to Warsaw on Thursday evening. Classes will end on Sunday ca. 4 PM.

Another important note

There is no complete beginners level.

You cannot register for any specific level

Instead, during the registration process we will ask you a couple of questions about your dance experience.


Party Pass price is 50 EUR, Full Pass price is 120 EUR (but you can get a discount, see Group Pass below).


If you register as a couple use two different e-mail addresses in the registration forms.

Some general questions about your dance

Your Collegiate Shag level - self assesment

One to choose from: Beg.+, Beg.-Int., Int., Int.-Adv., Adv., Adv.+.

The approximate level of Collegiate Shag classes you are taking at your dance school

One to choose from: I don’t attend any regular Collegiate Shag classes, Brg., Beg.+, Beg.-Int., Int., Int.-Adv., Adv., Adv.+.

How long have you danced Collegiate Shag?

In months or years.

Some questions about your Collegiate Shag during the 12 months prior to Warsaw Collegiate Shag Festival 2017

Do you take regular weekly Collegiate Shag classes

Yes or no.

Do you take private Collegiate Shag lessons

Yes or no.

Teachers of your private Collegiate Shag lessons

Tell us who was that.

Local Collegiate Shag workshops

Specify which ones.

International Collegiate Shag festivals

Specify which ones and your classes level for the last two. When specifying level use the following schema: level x/y, where “x” is the number of your level (starting from the lowest level) and “y” is the overall number of levels.

For example if you were at BCN Shag Festival 2016, and you were on the 5th level out of 8 you should write:
BCN Shag Festival 2016 level 5/8

Collegiate Shag practice

Hours per week on average

Collegiate Shag social dancing

Hours per week on average

What is the maximum tempo at which you are still comfortably dancing Collegiate Shag?

Answers available from 140 bpm to 280 bpm.

Bpm stands for beats per minutes. If you don’t know what tempo is comfortable for you, you can measure that in two steps described below.

First of all: put on some songs and find the one with maximum tempo you can still dance Collegiate Shag comfortably to. You can use this playlist to do so (songs at the beginning are slow, every next song is faster than the previous one with the fastest at the very end).

Secondly: find a way to measure bpm of the song in Google or just use this site.

The other way to measure it is using this YouTube playlist.

Some info about group registrations

  • You can get 5% or 10% discount if you register in a group.
  • You need to choose one person (a captain) who will be responsible for communication with us.
  • If you register in a group you have to register as a couple.
  • You and your partner have to dance Collegiate Shag on the same level.
  • To register as a couple you have to provide your partner’s first and last name
  • Your partner has to fill in his/hers registration form separately, giving your full name as his/her partner.
  • E-mail address of the follower has to be different from the leader’s e-mail address.
  • To register as a group member you have to provide your captain’s first and last name.


It can happen that you and your partner will be assigned by teachers to different groups during Level Check. In that case, if you don’t want to split up, you can learn together in group at the lower level.


You will be asked about competitions

If you want to compete there will be three competitions to take part in: Open Shag ‘n’ Jill, Advanced Shag ‘n’ Jill and Strictly Shag. In Shag ‘n’ Jills you dance with a randomly assigned partner, in Strictly Shag you dance with your partner.

If you want to take part in Strictly Shag we will ask you about your partner’s first and last name during the registration process.

If you are still not decided see some pictures or watch some videos from the previous festival.


You will be asked whether you want a festival T-shirt or not

It costs 10 EUR.


You will be asked about your preferred payment method

International bank transfer or TransferWise.
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